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Nutella Chip Cookies with Homemade Nutella Chips

Last week, I innocently tweeted:

Dear Nutella: I really think you should start selling Nutella baking chips. Seriously. They would rock.

I don’t know what made me say that. Maybe because these Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies have been on my mind, and when I went to my cupboard to check if I had chocolate chips, I saw two jars of Nutella sitting right in front of the peanut butter. Or maybe it was simply because I happened to overhear someone else publicly declare their deep and abiding love for that irresistible hazelnut chocolate spread. (That happens a lot.) Continue reading Nutella Chip Cookies with Homemade Nutella Chips

A big batch of biscotti, and a small dose of self-discovery

I’ve been making biscotti at home, double batches at a time because they disappear so quickly. Along with classic granola and wickedly delicious mini whole wheat pumpkin muffins, these are so far my favorite healthy breakfast or snack recipes from The Perfect Recipe for Losing Weight and Eating Great by the wonderful Pam Anderson. Continue reading A big batch of biscotti, and a small dose of self-discovery

Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies?

ivoryhut perfect chocolate chip cookies

Two days ago, Christopher Kimball (@cpkimball), founder of America’s Test Kitchen, tweeted this:

The “Best” Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe? You try it and let me know!

So I did.

Having a son perennially hungry for cookies, it’s never a question of what kind of cookies to makeā€”it’s more like, how fast can I bake them? An entire batch can go in a matter of two or three days, and since chocolate chip cookies are his favorite kind, I couldn’t resist the call. Especially not when the call came from Christopher Kimball, who is just about the only male television personality I look forward to watching more than Hugh Laurie of House, M.D. Come to think of it, I haven’t watched House, M.D. in a while, but continue to watch America’s Test Kitchen every chance I get. So I guess Mr. Kimball’s pulling ahead in the polls.

Uh-huh. We can have polls in our house. It could happen.
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Leftover Cookies

ivoryhut leftover cookies

Baking is a fairly new experience for me. I’ve always been intimidated by it. I’m more at ease with cooking, since being able to taste as I go means I can nudge and cajole and prod a dish towards the desired finished product. But baking? Even if the batter tastes good, there’s no guarantee that what comes out of the oven is what you envisioned as you carefully sifted and measured and creamed and folded. To be frank, the suspense and uncertainty scared me.
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