Newly-discovered Allergy Medication

Itchy eyes. Endless sneezing. Scratchy throat. Irritated ears. Troubled breathing. And now, you can add “neglected blog” to my growing list of allergy symptoms.

I’ve been trying to figure out why this year’s allergy season is hitting me so hard. I can hardly remember having any difficulties last year! What’s going on this year? Has the weather really messed up the plants and trees so much that their pollen output is going haywire? Maybe the air has more impurities, making things that much worse for allergy sufferers. Could it be that my backyard is somehow suddenly hiding an invisible forest of the maples, oaks, and birches? Continue reading Newly-discovered Allergy Medication

My Quick and Easy Chicken Adobo

Chicken adobo is the quintessential Filipino dish. To be honest, it wasn’t really one of my favorites until I moved away from the Philippines. Back then, my favorites were bistek, fried bangus (milkfish), and sinigang (the Philippine equivalent of tom yum). But when you are away from home for so long, you develop heightened cravings for the dishes that easily assuage pangs of homesickness. For me, adobo is one of those dishes. There is no way to prevent the aroma of this dish from filling your home. And when I make this, all of a sudden, my house smells just like the one where I grew up, almost 10,000 miles away from many, many years ago. Continue reading My Quick and Easy Chicken Adobo

Shooting square

Disclaimer: The above title is in no way announcing a post on how to shoot self-portraits. Thank you for your attention.


This morning, I was browsing the Food Photography and Styling group at Food Blog Forum (if you’re a food blogger or contemplating venturing into it, I highly recommend joining the community). One of the discussions started was about submitting photos to Taste Spotting and Food Gawker (if you’re a food eater or contemplating venturing into the vicious cycle of ogle-rumbling tummy-cook-eat-ogle again, I highly recommend browsing those sites).

When you submit a photo to either of those sites, one of the technical requirements is that you crop it to 1:1 aspect ratio. In other words, they use square images. And when I went through my existing photos to pick a few to submit for the first time, the biggest problem I had was that what I felt were my best photos did not lend well to square cropping. And often, I had to settle for my second or third choices because I couldn’t find a way to make my first choice fit nicely in a square. (And I didn’t want to just pad the sides to fake a square.) Continue reading Shooting square

Honey Vanilla Ginger Chamomile Tea Ice Cream

This is my first custom ice cream flavor. Honey vanilla ginger chamomile tea ice cream. It’s a mouthful, in more ways than one.

Last night was a rare night of free time for me. And as I sat there trying to decide if I should make myself a nice cup of honey vanilla chamomile tea to help me digest the copious amounts of Chicken Pelau that my husband Tom made for dinner, or to throw caution to the wind and have a bowl of my work-in-progress green tea ice cream (it’s delicious, but the texture isn’t quite there yet), it suddenly dawned on me: why not go with the gluttonous flow of the evening and have both? As a bonus, I had some leftover honey that had started crystallizing in its huge Costco-sized jar, some ginger that was on its last legs. And since I love finding ways to repurpose leftovers, I got up off the couch (a feat in itself) to test my idea. I didn’t care that it was almost 10 PM. Continue reading Honey Vanilla Ginger Chamomile Tea Ice Cream

Ice Cream

Lately, I’ve been craving ice cream. I don’t know if it has something to do with the warmer weather, or hormones. Or my sweet tooth awakening at the same time the flower buds are. Or hormones.

Maybe it’s hormones.

The thing is, my favorite ice cream flavors aren’t exactly the kind you can just pick up from your neighborhood grocery. Unless your neighborhood is in the Philippines. Or any other place in Asia. Or somewhere in the Caribbean. Continue reading Ice Cream

Welcome to the Ivory Hut. No, it is not made of soap.