Ivory what?

Incurable dreamer. Unintentionally absurd. Given to random moments of stream of consciousness thinking-out-loud, which confuses people around and seems to bother small animals. Passably intelligent about the useless stuff. Damnably idiotic when it comes to the simple stuff.

In other words, painfully ordinary. But now and then, a flash of the extraordinary comes through. Or maybe that’s just the neighbor playing with mirrors again.

Or, if you want a more technical definition:


ivory tower
1. A hypothetical place where the unpleasant realities of life can be ignored.

2. To exist in a secluded world, ignoring everyday reality.

3. A really tall structure made of the stuff from elephant’s tusks and mahjong tiles. Oh, and old piano keys, too.

ivory hut
1. Same thing as an ivory tower, but lower to the ground. Smaller. With no elevators. So you can’t get all high and mighty on yourself.

2. In my world, there’s a piano in there too.

Then there’s the treehouse. Which is just another hut, pretending to be a tower. I promise not to morph into one.

about me

I write, cook, play music, and make pictures. Not necessarily in that order. I was born and raised in the Philippines, and it shows. That means I eat rice with every meal, love my cousins like my own siblings, and firmly believe that avocados are best eaten with cream and sugar.

If you want to learn more about me, here are 43 things I'd like to do. Here's a little something about my name, in case you were wondering. Here are some other places you'll find me:

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One summer night in 2010, our house burned to the ground and we lost everything we had. This is the story of what happened and how life and hope can always rise from ashes.