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I stumbled upon a site that asks its users to list the 43 things they want to do, places to go, people to meet. So I started thinking about what my list would look like, with this voice in my head saying, “Yeah, right, like making a list would help.”

It’s an annoying voice, especially since it’s right most of the time.

to doWith me being, well, me, I did the list anyway (I’m so anti-authority). I discovered that there is a B I G difference between “things I want to do” and “things I have to do.” The latter spawns those dreaded reminder notes that you learn to tune out until the very last minute. The former spawns forgotten dreams and memories and a different kind of reminder: that there are no limits, really, save for imagined ones we impose on ourselves. I can go for broke and say I want to see the edge of the universe. Or time travel! Or just something more down-to-earth but no less fascinating, like knowing myself better or learning to appreciate more. Stuff that’s good for me anyway.

As I was making entries, I had to periodically remind myself that I could write anything – ANYTHING! I almost had to re-learn how to think like a child. I’d forgotten what it was like to work play with a clean slate.

You don’t have to move to a different part of the world or assume a different identity to get a fresh start. You don’t need a new year. Just a new outlook. It’s all a state of mind.expanding universe

If we’re not careful — if we don’t stay aware — then the older we get, the smaller our world gets. We need to stretch it out again! Now that’s something I don’t want to tune out.

So I started this page, and instead of the usual grocery list divided into meats, produce, other supplies (I do have my moments of organization), I have a different, more interesting and fun list. I get to write and re-write it anytime I want. Best of all, there’s no budget to watch.

I think I’m going to like this one.

  • I want to meet them

Disclaimer: The 43 is just a guideline. I’m not really keeping track. But trust me, I do know how to count.

6 thoughts on “43 things”

  1. I apologize for “showing” up, via email, via comments for your photos, and now here, I’m not a stocker, I swear…thank you for taking the time to be out in the internet universe……I just started a “43 things” list before I knew you had one… well, it wasn’t 43 exactly, but it was a “dreamer” list…For example: I have a my house plans proudly displayed on my refrigerator… I may never build one, but if I do, I know exactly the kind I want to build. You never know when life’s lottery may hit!

    Thanks again. Great Pictures…. Great thoughts… keep up the fantasitc work.

    Patriot Girl

  2. Hello, Jen! Thanks for dropping by!

    Patriot Girl, no need to apologize. It’s always nice to hear from those who visit my site. I could use a little kick to get started on these 43 things again.

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