Caribbean dreams

I’ve always loved traveling. It doesn’t matter much if it’s somewhere new, or some place that I’ve been to dozens of times. The whole process of leaving home, putting miles between me and the familiar, breathing in new air, and naturally becoming more observant because everywhere my eyes rest there is something different, something to be noticed … it exhilarates me, recharges me and makes me tingle all over, literally and figuratively.

(Apparently, it also makes me write really, really long sentences.)

Ever since we’ve been married, Tom and I try to plan at least two annual family vacations. Okay, Tom plans them and I bring him coffee while he makes the arrangements. But things have changed since last year. We’ve both made career shifts, and we’ve had to make adjustments to cope with the increasing demands of caring for Tom’s aging mother. For those reasons, we haven’t really gone on a “real vacation” in a while, and likely not any day soon.

In the meantime, I entertain myself by going through old vacation photos. Today’s flashback will be from the last Caribbean cruise we took, back in January 2009.

The Ivory Hut: Caribbean Dreams

This was taken in Dominica. We hiked through a path in a forest, reaching a clearing where there were sparkling falls, rocks covered in velvet moss, and these beautiful vines.

The Ivory Hut: Caribbean Dreams

Then we went to Barbados. Beautiful, blue Barbados. We drove around, bought lunch from a woman selling food out of the trunk of her van (which may or may not have been a good idea, but we were hungry and the scent of curry was too tempting). Then we found a beach, swam, and watched some local kids kick a soccer ball around by the shore.

The Ivory Hut: Caribbean Dreams

Next stop was St. Lucia. It was raining that day, which made for great diffused sidelight as we pulled out late that afternoon.

The Ivory Hut: Caribbean Dreams

Our final stop was St. Kitts, and by this time, we were too tired to do more than explore the town right by the port. We did, however, spend some time on deck. Which we hadn’t done since sailing. And I’m glad we did and that I didn’t let the hot Caribbean sun chase me down into our air-conditioned cabin, because then I would have missed this sunset shot.

The Ivory Hut: Caribbean Dreams

Whatever you do, please don’t wake me.


15 thoughts on “Caribbean dreams”

  1. All beautiful photos. The one of St. Lucia looks like a painting – wow! I just got back from vacation visiting family, but this makes me want to go somewhere more exotic. I hope you get to go somewhere sooner than later!

  2. Oh my! I do declare that I may need you to give me some photography lessons! Those are beautifully composed.
    My compliments!
    And my sincere regrets that you will not be sharing lovely new vacation photos for a while. You may have to discover some lovely new, local-ish spots

  3. I served in the Peace Corps in Dominica, it’s my home away from home! The nature on that island is hard to beat. I was right when I guessed that picture was from D/ca!

    1. Just got a link to your site from PW and would like to say how intrigued I am with your photos and writing. However, being a Dominican I am somewhat disappointed with the photo you chose to introduce Dominica. I quite agree that you may have found this “common” plant special to you but we have so much more beauty here. Do hope you come again though.

      1. Hi Debbie! Dominica was absolutely beautiful, and I hope to return and have more than 4 hours to spend there next time. I have to admit that I was so taken with the scenery and with trying to balance myself while hiking that I had little chance to take photos. On my next trip, I’m definitely asking you for tips on where to go!

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