Dear chicken

Dear Dinner Chicken,

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you. For you. For all that you do for me. Please bear with me as I attempt to count the ways I do love thee.

I love you for coming into my home almost fully defrosted, allowing me to spend only a few minutes washing and drying you, and then another few minutes seasoning you all over.

I love you for not turning your nose up when I stuff you with those leftover slices of apple that Tim left on the counter, because he was rushing off to school and was running late, as usual. Thank you for not saying a word as I muttered under my breath about certain people playing video games during finals week.

The Ivory Hut: Dear Chicken

I love you for being so easygoing and not minding if I seasoned you instead with lemon this time instead of the usual orange, and not feeling diminished just because you happened to overhear me saying I wanted to save my orange for the biscotti I was going to make.

The Ivory Hut: Dear Chicken

I love that you don’t ask much, only needing enough salt and then say nothing about having to sit in that hot oven for an hour without being checked on even once.

I love that you are my secret helper when clearing my vegetable bin, letting me throw in all the odd halves of onions, semi-dry garlic cloves, remnants of herbs that are on their last legs, and yet you materialize from that oven perfect every single time. Thank you for helping me manage my leftovers and avoid wasting precious produce.

And finally, thank you for letting me provide my family with a delicious dinner that’s easy on the wallet, our waistlines, and makes for great soup or chicken salad the next day.

You are so easy that you almost make yourself, and it gives us all some extra time to enjoy the finer things in life. Like blogging. Catching up on home projects. Or video games.

(Wait. I don’t think I love you so much for that last one.)

The Ivory Hut: Dear Chicken

In any case, I know I don’t say it enough, so I thought I’d write you a letter while the oven is getting ready for you.

Looking forward to seeing you soon,

P.S. It just felt wrong leaving you, my beloved, exposed up there for all to see. Almost naked and in the raw, wearing little but your pale skin. So allow me to show you in all your glory after your date with the oven, with your crisp edges and beautifully charred bits of herbs. Although, truth be told, not even a carefully-crafted collage can do you real justice.

The Ivory Hut: Dear Chicken


8 thoughts on “Dear chicken”

  1. Dear Ivory Hut,
    I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your lovely blog. I’d also like to thank you for reminding me to make dinner. Yes, I know I have 4 hungry kids to feed…but every Mom needs a night off and I was thinking take-out….But, now I see the error of my thinking…a chicken would be just as easy…and I could clean out my fridge at the same time. Yes, it might be the way to go. I thank you. My chicken thanks you (I think) and so does my family. Cheers! Chris Ann

  2. I could write a love letter to a chicken too. I LOVE making chicken noodle soup or a great chicken salad from the leftovers. Even good quality, ethically raised chicken is relatively inexpensive when you think about all the meals you actually get out of it. Great post and what a good lookin’ tan chicken, LOL.

  3. That looks awesome! Where can i get your exact recipe? I’ve never attempted to make my own chicken in the oven yet & i think this is the one i need…

  4. Chicken! oh how I love thee. I throughly enjoyed the curry chicken a la Tom recipie. Being from Trinidad it lived up exponentially to what I am used to. Now I would love this Roast Chicken recipie…where can i get this? I would love to cook it for Thanksgiving (Canadian) this weekend.


    1. Haha! That would be funny, wouldn’t it? That’s actually the same lime, it just turned a bit while cooking and lost its green color.
      But I think I like your story better. It’s the chicken that heals and can make you whole again. :)

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