Random thoughts from a busy week

1. Pretty colors can sometimes be a guide to creating new recipes.


2. When you miscalculate the amount of ground meat needed in a recipe, it helps to have a good meatball, bolognese sauce, and meatloaf recipe handy. Especially when your grill is out of commission and you’re too tired from a 10-hour cooking marathon to go grilling burgers, anyway.


And most especially when the miscalculation is somewhere in the neighborhood of 12+ pounds of excess ground meat.

3. I really need to learn how to sew.

4. I think I may end up being one of those people who puts coconut milk in all their ice cream flavors. (Please tell me there are other people like that.)

5. Just because both hands are wrist-deep in raw meat doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to enjoy a glass of wine while cooking.


5. Cooking with my mom is always, always a blast. Because this is what she looks like and how she smiles even after 10 hours of cooking.


6. I love my mama. And when people see the old photo below of me and my mom and tell me I look just like her, my heart swells and I feel like someone just paid me the biggest compliment in the world.


Yeah. That last one wasn’t really random.


12 thoughts on “Random thoughts from a busy week”

  1. Reminds me of when my family gets together. We cook for days too! I only wish they all lived closer so we could do it more often. ;)

    Anymore new ice cream recipes to share with us? I can’t wait to try your coconut ice cream. Do you think sprinkling the top with shredded coconut would ruin it or enhance it?

    1. Margot, yes, I have new ice cream recipes! One will be up very soon.
      As for the coconut ice cream, I tend to shy away from adding shredded coconut to it. I’m more used to Filipino coconut ice cream, which has jelly-like bits of macapuno or “mutant coconut” (I kid you not) in it. So that’s the texture I’m accustomed to, which is quite different from the texture of shredded coconut. But if you aren’t carrying around random coconut baggage like that (haha), try it! And let me know how you like it. Maybe you’ll be able to convince me to give it a try myself. :)

  2. everyone always tells me I look like my mom, and I love it …. I think she’s still gorgeous : )
    Also, can’t wait to see more ice cream recipes – even if they’re all coconut based…

  3. I’ve tried your coconut ice cream recipe. It’s good but could use a little more sugar. Next time I’ll use half-n-half instead of heavy cream because it’s a bit too rich for my taste.

    1. My hubby is diabetic, so I do use less sugar than what others might be used to. If it was too rich, you might want to try low-fat coconut milk instead. Regular coconut milk is, indeed, quite rich. I find that my recipes work best when I adjust the fat content outside the heavy cream. When I fiddle with the amount of heavy cream, my ice cream texture seems to suffer.
      Then again, I’m an ice cream novice, so maybe you shouldn’t listen to me. :)

  4. BB, you are too kind. Thanks!
    Emily, I feel exactly the same way. About my mom, and coconut in ice cream. :)

  5. I don’t think it is fair that you post a picture of such pretty looking ice cream and not include the recipe! ;-)
    It may sound traitorous here, but I’m not a fan of coconut. I’m hoping I could try some of these recipes (when I get a new ice cream maker; I no longer have the mixer that my original was an attachment for) but without the coconut and still have yummy results.

  6. I have some random thoughts too! Your mom is beautiful. A ten hour cooking session with you guys looks like so much fun! I want in :) 12+ pounds of meat is a lot of excess. And yes, I feel the same way when people say I look like my mom – it makes me proud and happy. People say we have the same laugh, I love that too. Also – is your mom drinking wine with a straw? Love it!

  7. What a beautiful post. Well, except for the part about the raw meat (I’m vegan). I love coconut milk ice cream so I’m looking forward to checking out your recipe. I read recently that keeping the freezer “full” is important to conserve energy…so I’ve been keeping the homemade ice cream tub in the freezer. I’m ready for a new recipe!

    I know what you mean about motherhood compliments. I know it in reverse though. When people tell me that my daughter and I look alike, I swell with pride. I think she’s beautiful so hearing others say we look alike makes me happy to be alive. My best wishes to you for a happy day!

  8. I love this post!
    I canNOT believe you actually used 12 lbs. of ground beef all at once! What a woman!
    And the drinking wine with a straw thing? Been there done that…boy it goes down way too fast that way though doesn’t it?
    And I am also frequently told I look like my Mom, a compliment of the highest order…I don’t see it, and think she looks more like she could be my younger sister, but if others see it, I’ll take it! :)

  9. LOL! Drinking the wine with the straw has me in stitches. Nothing better than cooking with moms. I hope my sons will enjoy cooking with me when they’re older (my oldest – almost 3 now – loves to help me bake!).

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