Coming soon

Just wanted to give you an idea of what’s coming next.

First, we have another travel post from my dear husband Tom. In case you missed it, he’s reporting to us from the Caribbean. He’s also taken to signing his emails with “Writing under the sun,” which just makes me want to cry and hide inside the oven.

And so, to console myself, I baked these.

leftover cookies

I call them my Leftover Cookies, because I made them using all of the half-eaten bags of baking ingredients I had lying around. It was a real “Frugal Gourmet” moment for me.

Yes, I’ll be posting a recipe. And I’ll be eating all the cookies before Tom gets back home. “Writing from under the sun” indeed.

Yep. I’ll eat all the cookies. It’ll make me sick, and add fuel to my whole “I’m gaining so much weight already!” schtick. And I”ll probably get nauseous from so much sugar, too. But still. That’ll teach him.

Wouldn’t it?


9 thoughts on “Coming soon”

  1. …’writing under the sun’…oh mercy, that makes me wanna crawl in the oven, too–wait…I’m far too claustrophobic for such, but I SO understand. (she says as the slow blows outside)

  2. Well, if he complains that the cookies made you gain weight, then tell him it’s his fault for not taking you with him. ;) Not that he’d do that, of course- I’m sure he’s a smart man.

    I can’t wait to hear more about the cookies. Even your leftovers are fabulous.

    1. Haha! He’s not only smart, but sweet. He wouldn’t say that. Hmm .. maybe he’s sweet AND he needs his eyes checked.

  3. Oh for sure! That will teach him!!
    I may or may not have been known to put chocolate chips in my banana bread so my non-chocolate eating husband won’t touch and I get all to myself. I’m not saying. Of course that’s a whole lot less effective now that we have kids and they have absolutely no qualms about eating banana bread with chocolate chips. I’m gonna have to find a new strategy to keep certain treats to myself. (*hangs head* yes I know I am a selfish girl…..but seriously I’d like to keep something I baked in the house for more than 2 hours!)

    1. I actually don’t have that problem, since Tom doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth. He’s starting to get into baking, though, and you never know what that might lead to. I foresee potential disaster for my health goals …

  4. Hi Hut! I think we have something in common – family taking off for warm places! My sis,, is off on a Caribbean cruise. While I sat and did my taxes yesterday (and also need to get my car inspected as you mentioned in your more recent post), I thought about making a recipe for Life by Chocolate cupcakes I’d seen on P’Dub that morning. When I finished the taxes and helping my daughter with her homework, I braved the cold for the ingredients I needed to buy for the cupcakes! I may do a “guest post” on Jennifer’s site about my experience with them. By the way, I made and referenced your bread recipe in a guest post I did last week. Maybe I should start a blog……

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