The Bar


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Please make these. Make these right now.


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Head to The Pioneer Woman Cooks and read as I fumble along trying to explain how to make these. There’ll be sticky knives and enough butter to drown a small squirrel, and yes, more photos of eggs.


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  1. These look so wonderful! I jumped over to PW for the entire process:) I am going to make these for sure! I have a fabulous filipino daughter-in-law (since April ’08)and I have never made anything from the Philippines! Also, I now have a little 5 mo. old grandson from that union, so am happy to have a delectable baked good to make for him:)

  2. I made them and they were so awesome. I posted them on my blog too because I thought everyone should make these things. Thanks for stopping by. BTW, I got the whisk at Williams-Sonoma…don’ t you just love that store?

  3. I had to make sure you know this, I LOVE THIS RECIPE. I didn’t have the walnuts, but instead I added shredded coconut and some caramel pieces to the mix. I threw on top chocolate chunk pieces and it came out fabulous! Everything you said the cookie bar would be, it was! I made enough to already sent it out to go to the Middle East to my old work buddies. Thank you for sharing this recipe, its a keeper!!!

  4. Food for the Gods! I was wondering what “The Bar” was! Now I have to make it. reminds me of the annual christmas gift I used to get from my bestie when I was still living in Manila!

  5. Oh wow! These were delicious! I made them after seeing you post them on PW’s site and all I can say is WOW. Hubby took them to work in little treat bags and got rave reviews! Making another batch today for my work :) Thanks so much and Merry Christmas!!

  6. I saw this recipe on PW and had to try it. This past weekend was cookie baking and we made these.

    I managed to overcook them because when I checked them first they did not seem to be even close and next time I checked they were overdone.

    They are still delicious although a little dry. I am looking forward to making them again.

  7. Wait, wait – I tried to go fetch and couldn’t get to Pioneer Woman. What on earth??? Lemme guess – the site collapsed from all the hits on The Bar?

  8. I made these with the plan to share with our friends and family…somehow I “forgot” to include The Bar in any of the goodie boxes we prepared. Mwahh ha haha ha, all mine! They are delicious and with all the nuts and dates I just pretend they are healthy too.

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