An Indian wedding

I have been going nowhere with posting on this blog lately, it’s almost as if I were a giant spider who suddenly realized she’s in the middle of a mine field.

That sooo did not make sense.

Maybe I should just keep quiet and post photos instead. Like these shots from an Indian wedding we attended on our trip to Trinidad almost two months ago. Yes, it’s been that long. So long, it’s almost as if I were a a giant roll of dough in the hands of an expert noodle maker in China who—never mind.


Aren’t the colors rich and vibrant? And look at those glittery things!



Pretty, yes? And shiny, too! So shiny, it’s almost as if they were giant newly-minted coins coming off the presses with the light of a thousand suns bouncing off of them. Except, a thousand suns would probably melt the coins, as well as our eyeballs, so maybe instead of suns, it can be a thousand flourescen—never mind.

Excuse me while I go in search of my senses. They were apparently last seen wandering around the customs area of Newark airport, disoriented and hungry. They were so lost, it’s almost as if they were a giant … me.

10 thoughts on “An Indian wedding”

  1. What great colors! You captured them all very well. I, too, like the first one best, but I like it for her expression. She isn’t afraid to smile. The dress is pretty, granted, and very ornate, but she just looks happy…no hidden feelings…

  2. These are beautiful! I miss you blogging, but I know what it’s like sometimes. I would love to shoot an Indian wedding- you’re right, the colors are just so vibrant. American weddings are so boring by comparison.

  3. I love your photos and do miss the regular blog posts. I’ve been starting to wonder lately if blog-interest is beginning to wane. Members of the original “shrew crew” seem to be losing the internet camaraderie that regular posts inspired. What do you think, Hut?

  4. Thanks, everyone! The first two girls were a joy to shoot. The first one is Asha, and she’s just as relaxed and easygoing as she appears in that photo. The second one is Indira, who is shy and reserved, but every bit as lovely.

    Karma, I think it’s more of regular life reclaiming its share of our time. At least, that’s what it’s been on my end.

  5. I have been reading your blog quite a while already so now I thought to finally leave you a comment. I like your blog. A lot. I love those photos of an Indian wedding! The colors are amazing. I’d love to see an Indian wedding someday as well!

  6. Wow, those are some great pics… I particularly like the first 2, I especially love the first. Great outfits, outstanding models.

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