Remembering night walks on the beach

This photo was taken during our first night at Palm Beach Resort in Batangas, Philippines. I need to give a shout-out to my cousin Gerard, who dug his feet into the sand, squared up, and let me use his shoulder as a makeshift tripod.

His tripod duties came with some unusual hazards, like, say, inadvertently squeezing a toothpaste sachet a wee bit too tightly while trying to hold very still. It resulted in a lovely but oddly out-of-place scent of peppermint mingling with the ocean breeze as we walked back. I wonder how long it took him to clean it off his shirt and shorts.

I also want to say that Gerard is the cousin who, on a beautiful Saturday that was perfect for sleeping in and lounging all day, instead chose to drive more than two hours each way just to accompany me on my checkout dive.

Boy, do I love my family.

13 thoughts on “Remembering night walks on the beach”

  1. I seem to remember a very similarily beautiful scene in Hawaii. Although I could never capture it so beautifully!

  2. Thanks, everyone! I would have missed this shot if we weren’t walking back to our resort. So I’m glad I wasn’t being a baby about having to find secure footing on the sometimes-rocky shore every now and then.

    Jessica, thanks for the award! I am humbled. Truly. And especially touched that you blogged about that Reality Check post. It was an inspired moment. Making my plans now to pay it forward.

  3. your site and pictures are awesome…makes me want to take a trip back home to the Philippines! a wave of homesickness just passed through my system…

  4. Lease, you and me both. There’s just something about home that keeps pulling you back to it.

    Hi, Beckey! Thanks for your nice words. Glad you enjoyed the shot!

  5. Absolutely Beautiful!! And inspiring! I know that good pictures can be taken in what’s otherwise thought of as bad light, but I just have a hard time looking and seeing a good shot in all of it.

    These pictures are amazing!

  6. Hello~
    Im korean ^^
    Its so good to see your beautiful Philippines pics and others!!
    Just wanna go there:) hehe
    could you recommend some more places to go?

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